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Trek Launch New Émonda

1st July 2017



It’s a quote that appears on the top tube of Alberto Contador’s Émonda. It translates as “where there’s a will there’s a way”, and it’s an attitude that not only drives Alberto in his pursuit of racing glory but is the attitude Trek adopted in revamping the world’s lightest production road bike.


Trek Emonda - 1


They said we couldn’t make the bike lighter. They said disc brakes had no place on an ultralight race bike. We said “querer es poder”. Introducing the all-new Émonda: lighter, more efficient, and more compliant than ever before.




It’s true that improving something that’s already spectacular is more difficult than starting from scratch. How do you take the world’s lightest, best-handling race bike and make it even better? That was the challenge our road design and engineering team was faced with in creating the new Émonda.


Emonda - Ride 1


Their response did not disappoint. In a sport where even seemingly imperceptible advantages are painstakingly sought out, Émonda goes beyond marginal gains. By refining our existing production processes and introducing entirely new innovations, the new bike delivers a difference in ride quality and performance that riders will actually feel on the road. No doubt, Émonda climbs, sprints, corners, and descends better than any bike Trek has ever made. And it’s now available with the all-weather, go-anywhere versatility of disc brakes.




Émonda Disc models redefine the experience of riding an ultralight race bike. With additional tire clearance, increased stopping power, better braking modulation, and consistent performance in all conditions, Émonda Disc is much more than a race bike. Flat mount disc brakes are more elegant, lighter, smaller, and cleaner than traditional disc brakes, making them right at home on Émonda. By opening up the world of gravel and adventure riding to those who prefer the feel of a classic race bike, Émonda Disc revolutionizes expectations of what a dedicated road bike can and should be.




Emonda Line Up
The Émonda line up - before the press ride.

Last month, we headed to the States to attend a press camp for the new Émonda. Trek is based in Wisconsin, which is the USA’s Midwest. For me this was the first time visiting this diverse region. It was an incredible trip – we’ll have more on this in our print edition.


Emonda - Front

My brief turn on the front - our ride was full gas.

The riding in the area is stunning. There are no long climbs, but the press ride was filled with short sharp inclines that got the heart rate up. This was the perfect testing ground for the new Émonda.


Emonda - Ride 2

 Wisconsin's Blue Mounds turning on a scorching summer day.


The first pedal stroke was a bit wobbly as I figured out which side of the road to be on (the jet lag didn’t help). As we rode off, the bike simply glided under me – it seemed as comfortable cruising along at a slower pace as it did at higher speeds. After an hour, one of the editors went up the road and I couldn’t help myself. The bike’s quick response allowed me to close the gap easily as we both put the hammer down.


Emonda - Ride 3

Global editors chat mid ride.


The instant power is not something normally seen on a disc bike, as most tend to have longer chain stays. However, the Émonda has short chain stays, which allows for instant power and helps you get that ‘whip’ factor when climbing.


Emonda - Coke 

 Not quite at domestique level.


The Émonda feels stiff but not overly (we rode the bike for over five hours and I didn’t come away with any pain). However, I was fitted to the bike properly – we’ll have more on this in our print edition. Either way, that’s pretty good for a bike you haven’t ridden before. The all-round comfort was impressive for a top-end race bike.


Emonda - Finish

Cokes, beers and banter post ride. 


If you'd like to read more about the Émonda we rode, we'll have an in-depth review in the next issue of NZ Road Cyclist, due on shelves late August.


Check out the Émonda range here: goo.gl/rmF7Po