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27th March 2017

JetBlack is excited to launch the WhisperDrive™ Smart Trainer, our first electronic trainer. Three years in the making, this trainer will have cyclists looking forward to rainy days and excited about their regular indoor bike session. The WhisperDrive™ Smart Trainer is designed in conjunction with coaches and athletes, specifically linking software and hardware to create a TRAINER FOR TRAINERS.


Fully self-generating, the WhisperDrive™ Smart Trainer operates without the need for external power and automatically adjusts resistance when riding. The trainer boasts our SMART GENERATOR BRAKE SYSTEM, generating its own power and starting up every time with less than 1 pedal stroke.


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As well as generating enough power to run itself, the WhisperDrive™ Smart Trainer can actively charge devices including smartphones and tablets by means of a clever USB port.

Functioning as a wheel-off trainer, cyclists of all abilities can train for hours without wearing out their tyres. The WhisperDrive™ Smart Trainer’s ultra-stable frame holds steady for the fastest of sprints and intervals, while easily folding away for storage.

The WhisperDrive™ Smart Trainer has been designed to be used in conjunction with JetBlack Pro iOS/Android App. Users can wirelessly adjust the trainer resistance and view power, speed and cadence whilst riding - without the need to install additional sensors. In addition, users can build and share custom training sessions or ‘Ride the World’ - riding any Strava segment directly from our app.

The JetBlack WhisperDrive™ Smart Trainer takes training to the next level, with features including:

• Dual Bluetooth Smart & ANT + wireless connectivity
The JetBlack Pro App automatically adjusts resistance through wireless transmission. It will integrate with 3rd party platforms such as Zwift, Fulgaz, Kinomaps and many more.

• Speed, Cadence and Power metrics
Monitor and track speed, cadence and power in real time. No need to install additional sensors.

• Self Generating Power
No power cables required… the WhisperDrive™ Smart Trainer houses a battery that recharges while you ride. By storing power, it ensures a fast startup and can be used anywhere.

• USB Connection
Plug in and charge a smartphone or tablet while riding.

• Whisper quiet resistance
The WhisperDrive™ Smart is super quiet and ultra-smooth, providing a realistic road-like feel, with resistance up to 1600 watts.

When developing our trainer, JetBlack asked professional coaches and athletes what they would like to see in a training system. They all came back with one request; Give us the ability to send and share specific tailored training sessions directly to the trainer from anywhere in the world.

From a coaching perspective, sending training commands such as watts, cadence, speed, resistance and personal coaching tips direct to a trainer makes coaching a specific and personal experience. This enables athletes to virtually have their coach with them during their session and eliminates the need to manually load or recall specific details. The athlete can add comments to their session before sending the data back to their coach.

In our mission to supply a Trainer for Trainers we included simulation (Ride the World using Strava segments) ERG and resistance modes. Other features allow for recovery tests, FTP and threshold tests, sleep, soreness and fatigue status. This data, incorporated within the user’s training history, gives a full understanding of the effects of truly TRAINING SMART ON A SMART TRAINER.



JetBlack’s Director of Global Sales and Research & Development Trent Fitzgibbins says “We are pumped to launch our first smart trainer. It represents the next level in technology and gives cyclists the opportunity to fine tune their training and technique to the smallest detail.”


“The feedback from testing has been nothing short of incredible and positive. We are looking forward to getting the WhisperDrive™ Smart Trainer out there for every rider to enjoy. It will be competitively priced so that you can smash your legs and not your wallet!”

For more information about the JetBlack Whisper Drive™


Smart Trainer or to take it for a test ride, contact JetBlack Cycling at info@jetblackcycling.com