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Bell Zephyr MIPS Helmet Review

8th March 2017

Belll Zephyr MIPS Helmet Review


RRP: $379


MIPS - a multi-directional impact protection system - has revolutionised the helmet industry by reducing rotational forces on the brain caused by angled impacts to the head during a crash.

Most modern helmets come equipped with MIPS but Bell has taken it one step further; integrating MIPS into their new Zephyr helmet. Another design feature is the ‘bifurcated construction’; which essentially means there are two helmets in the Zephyr: The outer piece is high-density EPS foam with a polycarbonate outer shell; and the inner piece is a lowerdensity, softer EPS foam, also fitted to a polycarbonate shell.


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Putting the helmet on my noggin for the first time the initial impressions were; easy adjustment from the rear retention system and a head-hugging fit. Aesthetically the design is on-point with current trends – an aero sleek look. The flow-through design stands out – the giant openings on the exterior aid cooling and a deep internal channel gives the air room to move. A key standout is a nifty little extension on the front underside of the helmet – this ‘brow pad’ keeps the sweat from running down your face and into you sunglasses.


Our lack of hotter spring days hasn’t been the best test for the venting, but after doing a few events at a higher tempo I can say the ventilation worked well in mild conditions. The comfort is superb and the sweat stayed off my face and sunglasses. This helmet has been used extensively for the last few months and I have been well impressed. I like that MIPS is incorporated with the helmet and the few faults I found were mainly from the forward vents with small rubber pads which are meant to hold your sunglasses securely – these didn’t work that well. Also, it’s not an uberlightweight helmet.


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However, overall this helmet performs very well; and, most importantly, it also boasts the best safety features currently available on the market.


Orginally published in the NZ Road Cyclist Jan/Feb Issue. For more in-depth reviews and exclusive articles grab the latest copy on-sale today!


Review: Liam Friary

Images: Darryl Carey